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Missing Equipment Detail

Report # : 11113
Published on : Thursday, 16 May 2019
Date of Loss : April 25, 2019
Location : El Paso, Texas, United States
Incident Type : Common carrier loss

  Category Mfr/brand Missing Items Model/Item Serial Number Unique Identifier  
  Cameras (Motion), Lenses, Support, Accessories, Monitors
RED Digital Cinema
Mfr/brand: RED Digital Cinema
Model/Item: Epic-W 8K Helium Package
Serial Number: E-W000937
Unique Identifier: 710-0263-STD
Epic-W 8K Helium Package E-W000937 710-0263-STD

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  Category Mfr/brand Model/Item Serial Number Unique Identifier  
  Cameras (Motion), Lenses, Support, Accessories, Monitors
Freefly Systems
Mfr/brand: Freefly Systems
Model: Movi Pro Stabilizer Package
Serial Number: MPRO14421310
Unique Identifier:
Movi Pro Stabilizer Package MPRO14421310
  Cameras (Motion), Lenses, Support, Accessories, Monitors
Mfr/brand: Zeiss
Model: Otus/Milvus Cine Lens Package
Serial Number: 51722605, 51573393, 51571321
Unique Identifier:
Otus/Milvus Cine Lens Package 51722605, 51573393, 51571321

Estimated Total Value of Loss : $55,254.68

Details of the incident : On April 24th I was headed back to Atlanta from Los Angeles. I was told by Greyhound ticketing agent that I would have to ship my gear due to the contents were cinema equipment, prior to this I have always checked it with Greyhound so that my gear would be in my possession. On April 24th at 1:13pm my gear was shipped outbound from Los Angles to Atlanta. My gear reached El Paso, TX where it was last scanned to go outbound at 12:23pm on April 25th, this was the last known scan and whereabouts of my shipment. Greyhound cannot find the shipment at any of their locations. The gear has been marked lost/stolen. I filed a police report with El Paso Police Department. Shipping numbers: GLI# 3086758268 and A7018773B

Important Contacts

Rental Company : No Rules Studios
Rental Company Contact : Brandon Obey
Rental Company Contact Phone : 323-287-5220
Rental Company Contact Email :

Police Contact : Janice Williams
Police Contact Phone : 915-212-4267
Police Contact Email :
Police Report : 19-133038

Insurance Company : One Beacon Inland Marine
Insurance Company Contact : Alissa Miller
Insurance Company Contact Phone : 781-332-8286
Insurance Company Contact Email :
Name of Customer's Insurance Company : Athos Insurance
Terms : Long-term Policy

Production Company Name : No Rules Studios
Production Company Contact Person : Brandon Obey
Production Company Contact Phone : 323-287-5220
Production Company Contact Email :