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Missing Equipment Detail

Report # : 11128
Published on : Sunday, 4 August 2019
Date of Loss : July 13, 2019
Location : Euskirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Incident Type : Rented/not returned
Associated names with the incident:
     •  Burhan Hajdini, Cut-Studios
     •  Bajram Hajdini, Cut-Studios
     •  Baki James, Cut-Studios
     •  Bajram Hajdini, Bajram Hajdini Photography

  Category Mfr/brand Missing Items Model/Item Serial Number Unique Identifier  
  Lighting for Film & Digital (Grip and Electrics)
Mfr/brand: F&V
Model/Item: K4000 Power LED Panel
Serial Number: 1
Unique Identifier: 3x with stands and bag
K4000 Power LED Panel 1 3x with stands and bag

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  Category Mfr/brand Model/Item Serial Number Unique Identifier  
  Cameras (Motion), Lenses, Support, Accessories, Monitors
RED Digital Cinema
Mfr/brand: RED Digital Cinema
Model: Epic-W Helium 8K
Serial Number: E-W004039
Unique Identifier:
Epic-W Helium 8K E-W004039
  Cameras (Motion), Lenses, Support, Accessories, Monitors
Mfr/brand: Zeiss
Model: LWZ.3 21-100 mm T2.9
Serial Number: 1
Unique Identifier:
LWZ.3 21-100 mm T2.9 1

Estimated Total Value of Loss : $67,000.00

Details of the incident : Burhan and Bajram Hajdini from Euskirchen rented our RED Epic-W Helium 8K with a lot of extras and told us every day, that they need our equipment one day more, because their job got an additional shooting day. after they got a deadline, because we needed our equipment back, they called me and told me, that our equipment has been stolen. We called the police and they wanted to see burglar tracks. Then Burhan told the police, that he stored all of our equipment in his driveway and left.

Important Contacts

Rental Company Contact : Yannick Bündgen
Rental Company Contact Phone : +4915112671734
Rental Company Contact Email :

Insurance Company : Teltec AG