ESTA Fraud and Theft Prevention

Missing Equipment Detail

Report # : 11018
Published on : Thursday, 8 March 2018
Date of Loss : February 13, 2017
Location : Southern Highlands, Nevada, United States
Incident Type : Theft from production/personal vehicle

  Category Mfr/brand Missing Items Model/Item Serial Number Unique Identifier  
Mfr/brand: MIDAS
Model/Item: M32
Serial Number: S1503062B31
Unique Identifier:
M32 S1503062B31

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  Category Mfr/brand Model/Item Serial Number Unique Identifier  
Mfr/brand: MIDAS
Model: M32
Serial Number: S1504636B31
Unique Identifier:
M32 S1504636B31
Mfr/brand: XTA
Model: Audiocore Dp 448
Serial Number: na
Unique Identifier:
Audiocore Dp 448 na

Estimated Total Value of Loss : $20,000.00

Details of the incident : I have a 30 ft cargo trailer that was stored at Life Storage of Southern Highlands Nevada space R75.The side door was broke into and they removed my audio equipment.I was notified on the morning of Feb 13,2017 that the door was open.

Important Contacts

Rental Company : Expressions Entertainment group
Rental Company Contact : Allan Barbish
Rental Company Contact Phone : (760)953-7633
Rental Company Contact Email :

Police Contact : Detective Rubio
Police Contact Phone : 702-828-4809
Police Report : LLV180220001315

Insurance Company : na

Production Company Name : Expressions Entertainment group llc
Production Company Contact Person : Patricia Barbish