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Missing Equipment Detail

Report # : 11179
Published on : Wednesday, 25 March 2020
Date of Loss : February 18, 2020
Location : Rochester, New York, United States
Incident Type : Rented/not returned
Associated names with the incident:
     •  Robert Daniels, Rob Daniels Photos

  Category Mfr/brand Missing Items Model/Item Serial Number Unique Identifier  
  Cameras (DSLR), Lenses, Accessories
Mfr/brand: Canon
Model/Item: Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM III
Serial Number: 6700005451
Unique Identifier:
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM III 6700005451

Estimated Total Value of Loss : $2,099.00

Details of the incident : Customer placed a reservation for a lens which did not require a verification process. The customer did have some strange interactions with the customer service department. The customer provided a phone number which went to a school. Their card at first declined for the rental, the customer called back with sufficient funds for the rental and never shipped back the lens. There has been no response after sending several emails and phone calls.

Important Contacts

Rental Company :
Rental Company Contact : Recovery Dept.
Rental Company Contact Phone : 844-853-6737 ext. 5
Rental Company Contact Email :

Insurance Company : N/A

Production Company Name : Robert Daniels
Production Company Contact Person : Robert Daniels
Production Company Contact Phone : 585-775-3556
Production Company Contact Email :