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Missing Equipment Detail

Report # : 11126
Published on : Friday, 26 July 2019
Date of Loss : July 18, 2019
Location : Rogers, Arkansas, United States
Incident Type : Rented/not returned
Associated names with the incident:
     •  Laurie Bardell, z

  Category Mfr/brand Missing Items Model/Item Serial Number Unique Identifier  
  Cameras (Motion), Lenses, Support, Accessories, Monitors
Mfr/brand: Canon
Model/Item: Canon EOS C700 PL Cinema Camera
Serial Number: 213320000012
Unique Identifier: C700
Canon EOS C700 PL Cinema Camera 213320000012 C700

Estimated Total Value of Loss : $30,086.15

Details of the incident : On July 15th the Rogers Bedford Camera and Video (BCV) took a rental reservation for a Canon C700 video camera. The individual on the phone was LiMekka Alexander, who later claimed she represented a film production company Little Monster Films. Mrs Alexander also stated she was from out of California. Mrs Alexander placed the reservation and paid in full for a 1 Day rental to be pick up 7/17/19 and was charged the full rental fee over the phone of 1069.82 after tax. Mrs Alexander was sending an agent to pick up and use the equipment stating she had hired the crew to film in Arkansas as she was from out of state. This is not atypical for our business as we see that often for high end commercial/production work here in North West Arkansas where agencies set up rentals for crews or individuals who require video/camera rental equipment. 7/17/19 came and went and on Thursday July 18th at approximately 12:54 an individual, Laurie Jahanna Bardell claiming to be the person to be picking up the reserved camera came in to the Rogers BCV. She stated they were late into town a day but would return the rental that same day by 6pm. The manger took the ID and copied it, as well as went over the renal gear and what was included. At approximately 1:08 she left the store. The renal being due back that day was not returned at the due time of 6pm. The store called LiMekka Alexander calling 6-8 times and finally reached here after 3pm on Saturday the 20th stating the informing her the rental was not returned. Mrs Alexander said she would look into the matter with her agent and call back. She did not call the store back. The store called the number again after 5pm and an unidentified individual said Mrs Alexander was unavailable but would call back. She did not. The store again called Mrs Alexander on 7/22/19 approximately 7 times with no answer. On Tuesday Morning 7/23/19 I texted the phone numbers on record stating that we would proceed with legal action and would be involving law enforcement if the rental was not returned. LiMekka Alxander responded from a different number saying she was under the impression the equipment was returned. She stated she had hired Micheal Boyd to do the work and he said he returned the rental. In the follow up texted Mrs Alxander said she had outsourced the person to shoot the work through an online jobs board called Task Rabbit. Mrs Alexander claimed responsibility and after negotiation she agreed to pay a $1500 late fee and we would withhold past due fees for the next 14 days while she would submit the stolen gear to her insurance after we had a police report for reimbursement. After 3 days of dodging the payment of the late fees she has stop responding as of the morning of 7/25/19. As of 7/25/19 researching Little Monster films we can’t find where a LiMekka Alxander works for them.

Important Contacts

Rental Company : Bedford Camera & Video
Rental Company Contact : Sean Kaiser
Rental Company Contact Phone : 479-221-7333
Rental Company Contact Email :

Police Contact : Jeremiah Keck
Police Contact Phone : 479-621-1129
Police Contact Email :
Police Report : 2019-4708

Insurance Company : N/A