ESTA Fraud and Theft Prevention

Missing Equipment Detail

Report # : 11155
Published on : Thursday, 12 December 2019
Date of Loss : December 14, 2019
Location : Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
Incident Type : Theft from production/personal vehicle

  Category Mfr/brand Missing Items Model/Item Serial Number Unique Identifier  
  Cameras (Motion), Lenses, Support, Accessories, Monitors
Mfr/brand: ARRI
Model/Item: Alexa Mini
Serial Number: 23629
Unique Identifier:
Alexa Mini 23629

Estimated Total Value of Loss : $85,000.00

Details of the incident : Camera setup stolen from vehicle. Producer kept the camera in the frontseat, stopped by his house to pickup some extra gear. Meanwhile thieves opened the car (which wasn't locked) and got away without any proof of violence or theft.

Important Contacts

Rental Company : The Movie Lot
Rental Company Contact : Piet Deyaert
Rental Company Contact Phone : +32485826858
Rental Company Contact Email :

Insurance Company : Matrix